Photo Ops at the PA Sunflower Festival (Maple Lawn Farms, PA)

With 8-acres and over 175,000 sunflowers, the PA Sunflower Festival is the largest, most diverse pick-your-own sunflower patch east of the Mississippi River.


The Sunflower Festival is hosted by Maple Lawn FarmsMaize Quest Corn Maze & Fun Park, and Maple Lawn Winery


The Sunflower Festival is an experience.  Each festival ticket includes a wagon ride to the sunflower fields. Guests spend as much time taking pictures, exploring sunflowers fields, and reading informational signs. Each ticket includes one ‘stem’ or LIVE cut sunflower.

The farmers at Maple Lawn Farms planted 8-acres, or approximately 8 football fields of sunflowers. In one section, the “Big Field of Yellow” is planted full of the classic yellow sunflowers that will mature at about 5-6 feet tall.

In another 2 acres,  visitors get to experience the “Display Gardens,” 10-12 different varieties of sunflowers planted in display plots to show of each individual variety.

In “Land of the Giants,” towering 12-foot-tall sunflowers form adorable child-size structures. The sunflower structures are ALIVE, in a sea of dwarf “Teddy Bear” sunflowers, which grow just 2-3 feet tall.

In “The Wilds,” a field featuring ornamental sunflowers of a wide variety of sizes and colors, guests may pick a sunflower bloom.  (One sunflower bloom is included with EVERY festival ticket, or pick. Guests may also pre-purchase 6, 12, or 18 sunflowers from a mixture of 28 different varieties!)

Relax, get a bite to eat and even enjoy a glass of wine from Maple Lawn Winery under the enormous white tent and enjoy the lawn – all right in the middle of the Sunflower Fields!

The History of the Event

The event is the 6th annual Sunflower Festival for Maple Lawn Farms and was inspired by a trip over the winter to Buttonwood Farm in Connecticut.

“We followed the recommendations and planted at the right times,” says Matt Posey, farm manager at Maple Lawn Farms. “It’s agriculture. Our guests will have to be forgiving if the sunflowers don’t all cooperate, but when it happens, it should be a wonderful show.”


“Sunflowers are symbols of positive thoughts, feelings and create a happy atmosphere,” says Hugh McPherson, Maize Quest’s Mazemaster. “They connect with people, and we want people to connect with farming on a personal level.”

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